Month: August 2018

Breakfast closeup


Bread cheese closeup


Cake closeup cream

Afro beautiful

Happy spring.

Central Embassy Mall

Central Embassy Mall

Luxury at it’s best. The real mall for shopping therapy.


Wearing clothes of the wrong shades can age your face and make you look drained and washout, the picture below is perfect example of wearing the colour that compliment your skin, eyes and hair, the eyes look bright and sparkling. The colour of the iris is intensified and the white appear clearer. The skin looks more youthful.


Wearing the right colours for your natural skin tone, eyes and hair shade will make you look younger with less shadows and lines. Healthier with clearer skin and brighter eyes. More beautiful /handsome by enhancing your best features. And also appear more confident and people will naturally pay more attention to what you are saying and assume you are a woman /man in control … Read More Colour


Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself – Coco Chanel.