Day: December 4, 2018

Historic building.

Colosseum also known as a the Flavia amphitheater. I am often attracted to the the historic buildings that have been in the world, and stood the test of time. Even though it is partially ruined because of damaged caused by earthquake and stone robbers. It is still iconic and listed as one of the New7wonders of the world. #Rome #history#iconic


The saying says that beauty comes in different shapes and sizes . Dolphin are the most beautiful and intelligent animals. I am obsessed with them. The aqua colour of the water makes them look sleek and attractive to the eye. #animal #water #sea#blog.


Nature is powerful enough to change one’s life and mind. By looking at this picture here my is already declutter. Tranquility is one of the greatest tools to help clear your mind and relieve stress in so many ways that you can do and concentrate better and more focused on your life.#relax #travel #blog